RFID chips for race timings

RFID (stands for Radio Frequency IDentification) is a remote data recovery and storage system that uses devices called tags, cards, transponder or RFID tags.

This is the technology used by Cronometrajes.com for the measurement of time in our careers.

We'll talk a bit (for the curious who want to know how it works technologically).

An RFID tag is a programmable chip that can store information about the features that you want to save, as the description of the product. It has also an antenna that is responsible for facilitating the exchange of information.

It is at the moment in which the RFID tag receives energy obtained by reading antennas, the chip uses this power for two purposes, the first is to use that energy as a source for itself and activate all its internal circuitry. The second is to recognize the requested information and transmit it by the same antenna to the receiver.

RFID tags are classified into 2 ways, liabilities or assets. The passive tags do not have external power supply previously but the RFID active tags, since they have a self-powered, achieve greater distances.

The RFID can be read where information can be an identification number and may not be modified. Therefore, these devices are excellent for identifying products.

And another model of RFID that allow us to read and write about the chip, giving the facility to change the information, as it may be to the racing chips, giving the possibility of reusing them, updating information or by adding it to the previous one.