5 steps to begin running

Running is the more fashionable at present as well as the oldest sport, nothing comparable 10 years ago. But I just see the number of races below and beyond that they occur the length and width of the geography. To register for a race you must look a little and will appear lots.

Also there are stores like sports the estimable. where to view information about racing and technical advice to start. Raised after come on, and if you're a few tips, which intended to put in brief you well come to running.

Good sneakers: there will be lots of things that one can be spared, or You can start with an old tracksuit, but a good Footwear is essential. This It seems so simple is not it, is still visible people running with shoes of street or tennis, to I understand that before they could be more feminine, but now already no, now there are running that they are one authentic beauty. It is not necessary to reach a high range of €150, but that when you buy them let them clear for what they are. Ask the professionals at your favourite store who seek what more fitting your needs.

Go easy: start little by little will save us overloads, stiffness and possible lesions. It is equally important round off the training how to start the following in good condition. You always have to keep wanting more.

You are not more than one week without running: one of the bases of the training is the record, what we can improve and increase in a session will lose it If not be ongoing.

Warms up before and stretch then: the best of all is to stay with a good habits to avoid losing them. It is so simple to understand how essential apply.

Brand objectives: we should go setting of objective, realistic goals and is consistent in its follow-up. If we work with deadlines and goals. Go attending races usually helps of very good way to get us into the world and follow other rhythms and measuring times.